Leadership in a global economy

Leadership in a global economy

Leadership in a global economyLeadership in a global economyLeadership in a global economy

Communicate & Win

Contact us for a complimentary audit of your leadership communication skills.


Brilliant Leadership Global focus is your leadership communication style. 

We work with you on the drivers behind your leadership communication behaviours.

  • Situational leadership scenarios
  • Emotional Intelligence and situational triggers
  • Culture and environment

Are your communication skills empowering your opportunities? 

Is your leadership style optimising your connections with stakeholders?

Are you responding to your environment most effectively?

Leadership and communication in a competitive world.

Brilliant Leadership Global offers a systemic approach to developing your leadership and communication skills, based on behavioural methods:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Situational Leadership
  3. Value Based Communications  

We enable you to respond to diverse leadership scenarios most effectively.

Executive leadership and communication in a global economy. 

Complimentary Communication Consultation

Brilliant Leadership Global offers a 45 minute session to discuss your communication skill set. 

Let's diagnose and develop your:

  • Leadership communications skill set
  • Strategies to lead and communicate in unprecedented situations
  • Cross cultural communications (diversity and inclusion).


Joe Ghaly was a great support to me as my Leadership Coach.  

Joe was generous with his time and worked with me on strategic change-management initiatives.  He is incredibly well-connected across a broad range of industries and government.  I enjoyed working with him as we navigated various leadership projects and challenges.  He listens well and knows just the right thing to say at the right time to instil courage and keep momentum going.  He knows how to challenge your thinking and refine your communication for impact.  

Joe’s wealth of experience, sense of humour, and objective and empathetic approach are great assets in helping leaders work through complexity and achieve their goals. 

Fran Reddan


Communications are essential in our rapidly changing world


Communications and collaboration are vital to optimising our relationships with customers, employers, partners and suppliers. We are in it together and connected with our stakeholders.

Brilliant Leadership Global shares a vision to develop your leadership and communications skills, enabling your connections with people of influence beyond current boundaries of opportunity.  

Organisational culture starts with the individual. If we start with our own skill set, we equip ourselves to add value to others. Value Based Communications.

If you are seeking communications best practices: 

How well placed are you to take advantage of your opportunities? 

Are your connections aligned with your ambitions and values?

Do you have a strategy to optimise communications and impact with your stakeholders?

Could you take advantage of a communications strategy which maximises your connections?

We examine communications methods that best serve your leadership and professional style. 

Business is done through people. Communicate & Win. 



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