About Us

Global experience with leadership and communications

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify your gaps and opportunities. 

Brilliant Leadership Global offers a systemic approach to setting goals for success, that supports your plans for leadership and communications development, most effectively.

Our service prioritises your personal gap analysis and goals. That’s how we ensure your success.

Essentially, business is achieved through people. Our service will ultimately develop confidence in your leadership and communications skills. Brilliant Leadership Global will broaden your network of influence, enhancing connections with decision makers in your professional field.

Brilliant Leadership Global tailors a cost and time schedule based on your needs and timelines.  

Founder and Lead Coach

Joseph Ghaly was the incumbent Director of Mobile Internet Americas with Ericsson Telecommunications during the dotcom era. 

He was the Global Director of Value Based Selling for the largest organisation in Scandinavia going through transformation, from a 120-year engineering company to an organisation competing on value solutions. 

Joe is former State Relationship Manager of CSIRO - Australia's Commonwealth Scientific Industrial and Research Organisation, a member of the commercialisation team - heading up relationships with industry and governments.

Joseph holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Economics and Commerce. 

Joseph’s expertise as a Leadership Coach prioritises leadership scenarios, diagnosing the culture and context of diverse situations, and Emotional Intelligence behaviours required to act effectively. 

Joe’s mantra

‘It’s about Communication, the rest is Technology’.